The Kurdistan Region Security Council and its organizations offer exciting career opportunities. It’s a rewarding job, and people join us from variety of backgrounds to protect the national interests of Kurdistan Region by investigating and reporting threats. It’s representative of the diverse society and works to ensure the Kurdistan Region remains one of the safest areas in the Middle East. The organization employees some of the Region’s most intelligent and capable men and women.

Working with us demands highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Each applicant is assessed on individual skills, knowledge and organizational suitability. The environment gives employees space to build a meaningful career designed to make a difference to the people of the Kurdistan Region.

We’re always looking for talented and skillful individuals to join our growing teams. Opportunities are available in provinces throughout the Kurdistan Region, offering challenging assignments.

Security Clearance

Each applicant requires a rigorous background check that depending on your circumstances and the vacancy in question may take over a year to complete. All applicants will also require in-person interviews in the Kurdistan Region. The information provided and obtained during this process is handed in the strictest confidence.

The background clearance is designed to protect people who work for us and ensure newcomers can be trusted with sensitive information pertaining to national security. It’s important you provide full and accurate information throughout the process; omitting or concealing information is a serious breach of confidence that will affect your application.