Legal Framework

The Kurdistan Region Security Council works within a strict framework of legislation passed by the Kurdistan Parliament and enacted by the President of the Kurdistan Region to ensure our powers are used only where necessary. Our activities are subject to scrutiny by the Kurdistan Region Presidency (KRP).

We work closely with the Parliamentary Committees, including the Security and Defense Committee, and with relevant government ministries, including the Ministry of Justice.

Key pieces of legislation regulating our work include the Kurdistan Region Security Council’s Law 4 of May 2011 and the Anti-Terrorism Law 4 of April 2006. Our role and responsibilities as stipulated in Law 4 of 2011 include:

  • ensure safety and stability in the Kurdistan Region and protect the founding principles of the Constitution and Laws;
  • share information between agencies in the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi Federal Government;
  • protect the Kurdistan Region from criminal threats, criminal interests, narcotics, and forgery; as well as administrative and financial corruption;
  • protect information systems;
  • combat terrorism and espionage as defined by the relevant laws;
  • protect the security of airports and border crossings;
  • coordinate with the relevant authorities to follow up on activities associated with refugees, displaced individuals and foreigners settled in the Kurdistan Region;
  • ensure border security and monitor members of the Peshmerga; to collect and evaluate military and strategic information from the field


The Chancellor and his Deputy are appointed by the President of the Kurdistan Region. Law 4 of 2011 sets out the Chancellor’s responsibilities to ensure he/she remains apolitical and does not promote the interests of any political party. Both the Chancellor and his deputy are, by default, members of the Kurdistan Security Council. The President of the Kurdistan Region can when necessary call on other individuals or organizations to join Security Council meetings.

The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council has a ministerial rank. The Council’s budget is part of the general budget for the Kurdistan Region.