Parastin and Zanyari

The Parastin and Zanyari intelligence organizations were brought together as a singular unit in 2011 following the passing of the Kurdistan Region Security Council’s (KRSC) Law 4 to unify the existing intelligence agencies. Collecting information and intelligence is central to Parastin and Zanyari’s work. This intelligence-driven and threat-focused organization is staffed by dedicated men and women protecting the Kurdistan Region from terrorism, espionage and major organized crime.

The Parastin Agency was founded in 1968 by the current President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani. The Slemani-based Zanyari Agency was established more recently after the Kurdish uprising in 1991. Given the clandestine nature of its activities, Parastin and Zanyari works closely with General Security and Counter Terrorism to analyze and disrupt threats against the Kurdistan Region. Furthermore, it is positioned to combat public corruption through undercover operations and surveillance.

It works with many partners and services across the world based on shared interests and mutual concerns. The organization is credited with having disruptedinternational terrorism attacks and arresting senior criminals and terrorists.

Each service is represented by a separate Director General.