People and Organization

The Kurdistan Region Security Council was established in 2011 to promote a unified security policy and oversee the intelligence and security community in the Kurdistan Region against domestic and foreign threats. It plays a leading role in protecting the security, economic and national interests of the Kurdistan Region. Proposed by Masrour Barzani, former Director of the Parastin Agency, the Kurdistan Region Security Council was the first major practical measure to grant autonomy to existing agencies and to integrate intelligence and information sharing. Our activities are guided by the rule of law and take place within a rigorous legal framework.

The President of the Kurdistan Region appointed Masrour Barzani as the Council’s first Chancellor in July 2012. The Chancellor reports to the President and often accompanies him on high-level visits and meetings.

In 2014, Chancellor Masrour Barzani proposed the creation of a Joint Operations Centre in Erbil as part of the war against ISIL. The Global Coalition operations room, coordinating military and intelligence activities, now includes representatives from the Global Coalition, senior officers from individual organizations within the Kurdistan Region Security Council and a senior representative from the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs to effectively de-conflict the battlefield and support Peshmerga Forces.


The men and women of the Kurdistan Region Security Council and its organizations serve their country with the knowledge that each individual’s role makes a difference. They spearhead challenging missions to protect the nation, building a common sense of purpose. Their unwavering commitment ensures the Kurdistan Region remains one of the safest places in the Middle East to work and live. It is a rewarding job and makes a difference to the lives of our people.

Our work force is representative of the Kurdistan Region’s diverse society. We provide an environment that recognizes individual contributions and a culture that promotes service for the people. Our values are underpinned by excellence, integrity and respect designed to foster inclusion and ethical practices.

We draw on the exceptional talent from the Kurdistan Region’s society, including its minorities. Whatever your field, we offer a range of roles within the various departments of each organization, including foreign relations, research and analysis, surveillance, information communication technology, foreign languages, protective security, finance and administration, among other areas.

The main compound of the Kurdistan Region Security Council is located in Pirmam, Erbil.

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Our Insignia

  1. The red and green stripes signify, respectively, the blood of martyrs and hope, as represented in the official flag.
  2. Both stripes form protective hands over the Kurdistan Region for a life of optimism. They also symbolize a watchful eye.
  3. The sun represents the revival of Kurdistan’s ancient civilization and the sun’s 21 rays represent Nawroz, the Kurdish New Year which takes place on March 21.
  4. Sun rays outside the eye refer to our mission: although traditionally we work within the Kurdistan Region, when necessary our activities take us beyond our border.