Chancellor Barzani receives Dutch Envoy to Syria

Chancellor Barzani receives Dutch Envoy to Syria

Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today Dutch Envoy to Syria, Dr. Gerard Steeghs, to discuss recent political and military developments in Syria, upcoming Astana talks and the future of Kurds in Syria.

The meeting reaffirmed shared interests for Kurdish representation in future peace talks on Syria. Chancellor Barzani cited PYD’s persecution of political rivals and their blockade against the Peshmerga Rojava and political factions. He said, ‘The Kurdistan Region is the only window for PYD’s survival. We want PYD to return to previous agreements and work alongside other Kurdish parties’.

‘The Kurdish National Council represents the majority of the Kurds,’ he added.

Ambassador Steeghs emphasized the need for moderate forces to play a role in the future of Syria. He said, ‘You are in the frontlines. Your perception is important for us given the developments’.

The Dutch Consul General in Erbil, Janet Alberda, said the Kurdistan Region is an important partner. ‘We appreciate efforts by Kurdish authorities on shared concerns’.