Chancellor Barzani receives Hungary’s Ambassador to Iraq

Chancellor Barzani receives Hungary's Ambassador to Iraq

Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today Hungary’s Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Attila Tar, to discuss a range of issues, including bilateral relations and military cooperation.

Both officials lauded Hungary’s military aid and training to Peshmerga forces and reviewed additional measures to increase assistance. Chancellor Barzani emphasized that the Kurdistan Region remains a safe and secular island in a sea of unrest.

Speaking about progress to eliminate ISIL in Mosul province, Chancellor Barzani said: ‘ISIL is a lost cause. After four months of fighting the group has lost fighters, capability and morale. It’s only getting weaker’.

The meeting also touched on Hungary’s historic friendship with the people of the Kurdistan Region. Ambassador Tar said, ‘We are keen to continue this partnership. You can count us – we will continue this cooperation in every field’.

The Consul General in Erbil, Dr. Csaba Vezzekeny, attended the meeting.