Chancellor Barzani receives Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs


Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kentaro Sonoura, to discuss measures to strengthen political and economic activities.

Both officials touched on Japan’s longstanding technical and capacity support to the Kurdistan Region. Chancellor Barzani commended Japan’s opening of a Consular Office in Erbil to promote mutual interests. He said, ‘There’s potential for Kurdistan to become a regional economic hub given its stability’.

Minister Sonoura expressed his ‘sincere respect’ for Peshmerga sacrifices in the war against international terrorism. He said, ‘Kurdistan Region is very important to Japan, and we would like to discuss strengthening ties with it’. He cited plans to expand cooperation in culture, education and infrastructure.

The meeting reviewed regional developments, including progress in the campaign against ISIL in Mosul and Erbil-Baghdad talks to solve differences. Chancellor Barzani added, ‘I see a promising future for our people. We cannot live in fear and insecurity forever’.