Chancellor Barzani receives Russian Ambassador to Iraq

Chancellor Barzani and Russian Ambassador to Iraq Ilya Morgunov

Chancellor Masrour Barzani today received the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Iraq, Mr. Ilya Morgunov, to discuss recent political and military developments in the Middle East. The meeting included a senior delegation from Gazprom Neft.

Speaking about historical ties between both nations, Ambassador Morgunov said, “We have a strategic relationship with Erbil”. He added that the leadership of the Russian Federation places much importance on the region and its political position on developments in the Middle East.

Both officials also discussed the ongoing war against the Islamic State (IS), including Russian airstrikes in Syria. On Iraq, Chancellor Barzani underlined the importance of key communities reaching an agreement about the future makeup of Iraq and post-management of territories liberated from IS.

“The policy that led to the current political vacuums — which IS later filled — has not changed,” he said.

“Though intelligence shows foreign fighters find it increasingly difficult to enter Syria, IS continues to recruit members from areas under their control,” he added.

The officials later discussed the economic crisis and political disagreements in the Kurdistan Region