Chancellor Barzani receives Senior International and Energy Security Advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister

The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC), Mr. Masrour Barzani, received this morning in Salahaddin Ms. Réka Szemerkenyi, Senior International and Energy Security Advisor to Hungary’s Prime Minister, and Mr Tibor Szatmari, Hungary’s Ambassador to Baghdad.

During the meeting they spoke about security developments in the Kurdistan Region, the war on terrorism and the need for more practical support from the international community.

“The complete defeat of the Islamic State requires ground forces as without direct intervention the air strikes will not be enough to destroy the terrorist organisation in both Iraq and Syria,” he said.

Masrour Barzani expressed gratitude for the military and humanitarian support from Hungary, which is part of the international coalition against the Islamic State, but underscored needs of the Peshmerga and the Constitutional obligations from Baghdad. He called for more engagement from the Federal Government to supply armaments and logistical support to the Kurdistan Region.

“We should be asking Iraq for weapons and assistance, but it’s incapable and unprepared to help the Kurdistan Region. We are being punished for the success and gains against the Islamic State, while Baghdad is being rewarded for its failures,” he added. ”

Speaking about the advances by the Peshmerga, Ms Szemerkenyi said: ” Islamic State saw a defeat in its battle in Kurdistan, and without your efforts there is very little anyone can do. We recognise you are fighting on behalf of the world for the values we all share.”

Both delegates added that Hungary is exploring other weapons, equipment and aid it can provide to the Kurdistan Region.