Chancellor Barzani receives Deputy Head of Mission in Baghdad

Chancellor Barzani receives Deputy Head of Mission in Baghdad

Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today U.S. Deputy Head of Mission in Baghdad, Ms Stephanie Williams, to discuss ongoing military and political consultations with the U.S.-led Global Coalition and Iraqi counterparts ahead of major, planned offensives against ISIL.

In the meeting both officials emphasised the need for a political track to run in parallel with the broader U.S.-led military campaign in Iraq. Chancellor Barzani called on the U.S.-led Global Coalition to contextualize Iraq’s war on ISIL as part of ethnic, religious and political differences, and the need to address the root-causes of the problems to win the peace.

He said, ‘We believe many problems will resurface once Mosul is liberated. It’s easier to reach a post-management agreement now whilst the parties need each other.’

The meeting also touched on immediate military needs of Peshmerga forces to clear additional territory from ISIL. Further, he called on the U.S. Government to increase its support to Kurdistan Region to care for almost 2 million displaced individuals.

Speaking about ongoing preparations to respond to a potential humanitarian crisis, Ms Williams said: ‘We’re working extremely closely with the United Nations and other organisations to respond to the crisis. There’s been a good response to the Mosul appeal, and we will continue our dialogue with the Kurdistan Regional Government.’