Chancellor Barzani receives U.S. Senator Carl Levi

The Chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC), Mr. Masrour Barzani, received this afternoon US Senator Carl Levi, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, and his accompanying delegation, including US Consul General in Erbil, Joseph Pennington.

The meeting touched on security developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and the formation of a new inclusive Iraqi Federal Government. Masrour Barzani called for an international effort to combat the Islamic State (IS) and to arm and train the Kurdistan Regional Guards (Peshmerga).

‘The inability of the international community to take action against this barbaric group has created a vacuum, and inaction is not a choice the free world can afford,’ he said.

Masrour Barzani praised the decision by US President Barack Obama in providing crucial military air support but emphasised the growing need to expand the geographical area of operations and to target IS leadership cells.

‘This should not be a fair fight, and we should have more advanced weapons. We are your friends and allies – we fought to remove the same regime in Iraq,’ he added.

He added that the thousands of foreign fighters flocking to the Middle East to join IS will eventually present grave security concerns to countries of their origin, including many European countries.

They also discussed bilateral ties between the Kurdistan Region and the United States of America, including the designation of Kurdish political parties as Tier III terrorists organisations. Senator Levin emphasised his strong support to resolving the matter and pledged to coordinate efforts with other senators.