Chancellor Masrour Barzani and US Presidential Envoy discuss recent developments

Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today the US Special Presidential Envoy to the anti-ISIL Coalition, Mr. Brett McGurk, to discuss recent developments and tensions between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi Federal Government.

During the meeting Chancellor Barzani emphasized that Erbil-Baghdad differences must be addressed through peaceful means. He added that the constitution can not be implemented using unconstitutional measures, including the armed forces. The Kurdistan Region continues to call for dialogue and understanding, he said.

Special Presidential Envoy McGurk made clear the United States supports a strong, united and prosperous Kurdistan Region within Iraq, and reiterated the historic bilateral relationship. He stressed the need for dialogue to de-escalate tensions and a political settlement that addresses disputes based on the Constitution.

They also discussed conditions necessary to begin Erbil-Baghdad talks.