GCPF Statement: Large-scale Ground Offensive Underway in Khazir, East of Mosul

Statement by General Command of Peshmerga Forces of Kurdistan Region

At approximately 0500hrs (TBC) on 17 October 2016 a large-scale, coordinated operation was launched by Peshmerga Forces in Khazir, East of Mosul, with Iraqi Security Forces from Gwer and Gayyara, both South of Mosul as a first stage to rid the Nineveh province from the terrorists of the Islamic State.

The operation in Khazir includes up to 4,000 Peshmerga in three fronts to clear nearby ISIL-occupied villages as part of the agreement between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi Federal Government. Global Coalition warplanes have pounded ISIL positions as of 1900hrs on 16 October (TBC) and will continue to provide close air support throughout the operation.

Local, regional and international media outlets have been embedded with Peshmerga Forces.

Operational updates will be issued every six to eight hours.

Photos will be available on Twitter (@GCPFKurdistan) using #FreeMosul (TBC)