GCPF Statement: Peshmerga Liberate 28 Villages in Area Approximately 500 Square

Statement by General Command of Peshmerga Forces of Kurdistan Region

As of 1530hrs on October 30, Peshmerga Forces have cleared six villages in North and East of Mosul: Faziliya, Kevrok, Khrab Bet, Kani Shirin, Khadheir and Qebr Esaaq. They have also secured the Mar Oraha monastery, close to the town of Batnaya.

Since the start of the military operation on October 17, Peshmerga Forces have cleared more than 500 square kilometres from ISIL, including at least 28 villages in North and East of Mosul, as part of the ongoing campaign to clear ISIL terrorists from Ninewa province.

Peshmerga Forces have also extended control over several ISIL lines of communication into Mosul. This includes major roads from Bashiqa, Batnaya, Filfel and Nawaran in an effort to tighten the grip on ISIL’s last major stronghold and significantly limit their ability to reinforce their positions.

In almost two weeks Peshmerga Forces — backed by Global Coalition warplanes — have dealt a devastating blow against ISIL terrorists, killing dozens and destroying at least 50 VBIEDs. To date, in support of liberating forces, Global Coalition warplanes have conducted approximately 550 airstrikes.

To date at least 800 ISIL IEDs have been dismantled across frontline positions and major roads. Counter-IED teams continue to clear the heavily-mined areas.

On the humanitarian front, at least 7,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) have fled to the Kurdistan Region since the start of the offensive.

Further information will be made available in the next operational update.

Photos and additional information will be available on Twitter (@GCPFKurdistan) using #FreeMosul.