Peshmerga forces attacked by ISIL chemical weapons

A homemade rocket suspected of carrying chemical substances was fired by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) at a Peshmerga position near Mosul Dam intersection on 31 August 2015. Upon impact the canister produced yellow smoke at scene of the attack. One Peshmerga is receiving treatment.

At approximately 1130hrs on 31 August 2015 a gas canister, in the form of a projectile and suspected of carrying weaponized form of chemical substances, was fired at a Peshmerga position near Mosul Dam intersection. The impact produced considerable yellow smoke at the scene of the attack. One Peshmerga, admitted to hospital, is receiving treatment.

The remains have been removed from the field and now stored in a secure location in the Kurdistan Region. We are working with the International Coalition to collect samples for immediate tests. This is one of increasing number of attacks in recent months suspected of carrying chemical substances.

We remain deeply concerned with the escalation and delivery method of these attacks, and urgently call on the International Coalition to provide protective equipment to Peshmerga forces.

Results from previous attacks, including in Makhmour – South West of Erbil, and a separate attack near Mosul Dam, will be announced in the weeks ahead.