Readout of Chancellor Masrour Barzani’s meeting with Commanding General of CJTF-OIR Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk

Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today Commanding General of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk to discuss progress in the anti-ISIL campaign in Iraq and Syria and the latest political and security developments. Deputy Chief of Mission Joey Hood at the US Embassy in Baghdad and Consul General in Erbil Kenneth Gross also participated in the meeting. During their discussions, both officials affirmed that it is essential for Peshmerga Forces-Iraqi Security Forces cooperation to fill security vacuums exploited by ISIL in disputed territories, including in Kirkuk, and to align security and military efforts with broader political reforms necessary to restore trust, stabilize communities and provide for displaced families to return home. Lieutenant General Funk expressed readiness to support a joint KRG-Federal Government in such effort. Chancellor Barzani underscored that the anti-ISIL campaign will continue to require coordination and cooperation among members of the US-led Global Coalition. He also emphasized the importance the Kurdistan Region places on close military, intelligence and security cooperation with United States and expressed his appreciation for payments to integrated Peshmerga brigades. Both officials also discussed at length Iraqi parliamentary elections and regional developments. They agreed to continue regular consultations on these important issues.