Readout of Chancellor Masrour Barzani’s meeting with outgoing OSC-I Chief Major General Bradley Becker

Chancellor Masrour Barzani received today outgoing Chief of Office Security Cooperation – Iraq (OSC-I) Major General Bradley Becker and his successor Major General Sean Jenkins to discuss long-term train and equip programs for Peshmerga Forces. During the meeting, they also reviewed results from recent Iraqi parliamentary elections. Chancellor Barzani said an alliance of Kurdistani blocs would be better positioned to defend the people and rights of Kurdistan Region. Further, though he welcomed in principle calls for a manual recount, he strongly rejected canceling votes of security and Peshmerga Forces. Turning to Kurdistan Region-United States military cooperation, both officials had a candid exchange on the importance of reform and integration in Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs. Major General Becker said that OSC-I would continue to support Peshmerga Forces and provision a fair share of future resources.