Response to Article Published by Niqash

STATEMENT: RESPONSE TO ARTICLE PUBLISHED DECEMBER 20, 2016, BY NIQASH ENTITLED, In Iraqi Kurdistan, Fake Confessions From Pre-Captured ‘Terrorists’.

The author of the article performed an inadequate investigation of absurd allegations leveled against Kurdistan’s Asayish Agency. Given Niqash did not contact our service for additional information, the premise is flawed and based on false assumptions.

Asayish forces continue to selflessly defend the Kurdistan Region, including Kirkuk. The claims in this article and local press are absurd and part of narrow political interests.

We call on Niqash to issue an immediate retraction and apology.

Office of Deputy Director of Asayish Agency




The terrorist in question, Ahmad Hussein Abdul-Rahman al-Azzi, was arrested in March 2014 by Asayish forces in Kirkuk. Ahmad was apprehended in his brother’s house and in possession of significant weapons and ammunition. His brother, Mohammed Hussein Abdul-Rahman al-Azzi, also known as Hemadi, is wanted by authorities and remains in Hawija.

Ahmad was transferred to a facility in Slemani Province and, four months later, returned to Kirkuk’s Tesfirati Prison. He was released by Kirkuk’s Judiciary in accordance with case number G223 on 5/7/2015 on claims the weapons and ammunition belonged to his brother. Upon release, he made contact again with Mohammed and, on 25/10/2016, was arrested again in connection to the attack in Kirkuk.

The hasty release of criminals and terrorists remains a key problem for Kirkuk’s security services. Tens of individuals have made contact again with terrorists organizations.