Statement on Conclusion of Major Ground Offensive in East of Mosul

A major ground offensive in an area East of Mosul concluded today at approximately 1300hrs as Peshmerga forces began to create new defensive positions.

As of 1300hrs, the operation had achieved its key objectives: clear several Shabak and Kakai villages and extend control over the area.

In the course of the two-day operation, nine villages were cleared: Mufti, Tel Aswad, Upper Zahra Khatun, Lower Zahra Khatun, Tulebend, Gezekan, Chamakor, Kullabur and Wardak in an area measuring approximately 120 square kilometres. Further, approximately 140 ISIL terrorists were killed by Global Coalition warplanes and Peshmerga forces.

Fourteen ISIL VBIEDs were destroyed. An additional VBIED exploded but did not cause any injuries. Global Coalition warplanes attacked at least 75 ISIL positions.

Counter-IED teams will continue to clear the heavily-mined area.