Statement on Rescue of Swedish National from ISIL

Claims that the Swedish national, Ms. Marilyn Nevalainen, was rescued through a local smuggler are patently false and designed to distract the people of the Kurdistan Region from another resounding successful operation by our brave Counter-Terrorism Forces (CTD).

In an inhuman effort to extort money from the family, a group of opportunists made contact with a member of Ms. Nevalainen’s family. This attempt — designed to exploit the family’s difficult circumstances — put young girl’s life in grave danger. It was after this failed attempt that the family and authorities in Sweden called upon the Kurdistan Region Security Council to assist in rescuing the girl.

This was a Kurdish-led special operation conducted inside IS territory near Mosul. The Kurdistan Region Security Council does not negotiate with terrorists and does not pay ransoms. The operation was successfully executed without any contact with any of the individuals cited in a number of recent articles in the Kurdistan Region.