Statement on Security Incidents in October: VBIED Attacks Reemerge

Tracked security incidents from October signals a reemergence of VBIED-based attacks in Kirkuk and Mosul. Targeted assassinations against mokhtars and attacks on electricity infrastructure continued unabated.

At least 5 VBIED attacks targeted security forces and civilians, and 2 others defused. On 13th, in Mamdouda neighborhood, Kirkuk, a VBIED injured 6 individuals. On 23rd, a VBIED struck in Gayyara, killing more than 10 and injuring up to 30 others.

On 2nd, ISIS carried out a multi-pronged attack in Rabza village, Hawija, killing the village chief. On 10th, ISIS fighters assassinated the mokhtar of Jasmiya village in his home. On 20th, the mokhtar in Karim Daoud village, Khanaqin, was also killed. Dozens of other attacks have been carried out by terrorist groups.

On 17th, ISIS blew up the electricity tower near Khuzaifiya village, cutting off power in Hawija. On 18th, an IED targeted a vehicle belonging to the Northern Oil Company Police Guards in Maftoul village, Rashad, injuring 5 policemen.

At least 40 IED incidents were tracked with most against vehicles, police checkpoints, military posts, PMF bases and figures, as well as civilians. On 20th, an IED targeted a Federal Police vehicle on Kirkuk-Hawija Road, injuring several policemen.