Statement on Security Incidents in September: Instability Increases in Kirkuk and Mosul

During September unrest increased in and around Kirkuk and Mosul, among other areas. ISIS attacks increased, sometimes targeting multiple villages at once; IEDs against Iraqi security forces continued on a regular basis, and hits on ISF/PMF homes and electricity infrastructure have become a feature.

Last month, ISIS and unknown fighters were linked to at least 22 attacks; more than 25 IEDs targeted Iraqi security forces as well as civilians; 9 kidnapping incidents, and 5 grenade attacks. Arrests and ISIS infiltration have also emerged as increasing trends.


Attacks were also tracked in Khanaqin, Hawija, Gayara and Dubis, and near Mt. Hamrin. On Sept. 25, ISIS fighters attacked an Iraqi Battalion in Mutaibja area near Mt. Hamrin, killing a soldier from Amerli and injuring four others. In Rashad, Kirkuk, on Sept. 16, ISIS killed a federal policeman and injured two others.

On Sept. 11, ISIS targeted the homes of two tribal mobilization figures in Hawaij village, Hawija, killing both and injuring a woman in the attack. ISIS ambushed two Iraqi officers from the 20th Brigade, 5th Division of the Federal Police on Sept. 30.

Electricity Infrastructure

As with August, attacks also targeted electricity towers. Unknown fighters on Sep. 14 blew up the main tower between Al Khuzaifi and Mahmoudia villages, Hawija. On Sept. 19, an IED destroyed towers 192 and 193 near al-Mahdia village, Rashad. In an ISIS confirmed attack, the tower between Siha and Umm Gesair villages, Hawija, were destroyed on Sept. 30.


Sept. 12, ISIS stormed a health center in Dara village, Daquq, and kidnapped two individuals, including an ambulance driver who was later freed after paying a ransom. Similarly, on Sept 17, ISIS setup a checkpoint near Ali Sultan village, Rashad, kidnapping one.

Homes blown up

ISIS also targeted homes of Iraqi security forces. On Sept. 13, the home of a policeman from Bri’a village, al-Multaqa, Kirkuk, was blown up. Similarly, on Sept. 15, the home of a Colonel in Gharib village, Abbasi, was blown up.

Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

IEDs remained a regular occurrence. On Sept. 18, an IED targeted a bus carrying Iraqi security forces from 6th Division, in Riyad, Kirkuk, killing the driver and injuring up to 11 others. In Daquq, Kirkuk, on Sept. 23, an IED killed an officer (Captain) from Federal Police. In Tal Rim village, Makhmour, an IED targeted a Humvee, injuring a senior officer from the 3rd Federal Police Division.

Iraqi and Global Coalition Airstrikes

Iraqi warplanes carried out multiple airstrikes against ISIS positions. On Mt. Qarachokh in Makhmour, On Sept. 5, Iraqi warplanes struck ISIS positions, killing an ISIS terrorist from Shurgat. Iraqi warplanes also attacked ISIS positions in Karim Daoud village, Khanaqin, on Sept. 24 — six were killed. During September, Coalition warplanes conducted some 15 airstrikes near Makhmour, Tuz Khormatu and Mosul.

Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED)

On Sept. 20, a VBIED (White Nissan) exploded in Al Khazra neighborhood, Kirkuk, injuring six. In Rabia, on Sept. 13, Iraqi counter-IED teams defused an ISIS VBIED (Toyota Pickup Truck) prepared for an attack.