Technical and Analysis Department

The Technical and Analysis Department is a major component of our work designed to help us achieve our mission. It brings together expertise and technology to identify, analyze and target threats to the Kurdistan Region. The Department creates and develops tools to collect, analyze and evaluate information for operations and intelligence briefings.

The Department plays a pivotal role in the war against ISIL, providing intelligence, surveillance, advice and assistance using a full range of tools and technology in support of the shared mission. Intelligence has often thwarted terrorist attacks against the Kurdistan Region, including Peshmerga forces, and led to targeted airstrikes against senior terrorists beyond the Kurdistan Region.

The employees are technical intelligence officers cleared by rigorous background checks. They are some of the region’s brightest students, academics and engineers dedicated to the security and safety of the Kurdistan Region. They partner with the Kurdistan Region’s universities, government institutions and the private sector to synthesize information and tackle difficult security challenges.